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SME, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, is the world's leading professional society serving the manufacturing industries. Through its publications, expositions, professional development resources and member programs, SME influences more than 500,000 manufacturing executives, managers and engineers. Founded in 1932, SME has some 30,000 members in 70 countries and supports a network of hundreds of chapters worldwide.

This homepage is intended to serve the Student Chapter Number 215 members and to provide information on current and future chapter events. Please arrange some time to visit our page. You are always welcome to contact any of our officers if you just have a question.

Student Chapter: Tennessee Tech University, S215

Senior Chapter: Nashville Chapter, 43


Executive Board

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ismail Fidan President/EJC Rep: Ben Smithson SME VP/EJC Rep: Andrew C. Welch
  Treasurer: Andrew C. Welch Secretary: Chris Brackins


Tennessee Tech University


E-mail: sme_s215@hotmail.com
Campus Box: 5003 Tel: (931) 372-6298 E-Server: ttu_sme@yahoogroups.com
Cookeville, TN 38505 Fax: (931) 372-6172 Webpage: http://www.tntech.edu/sme/

S215 won the 2005 Student Chapter Web Design Contest

S215 Students received Four Awards in SME2004 held in Cincinnati, OH

1st Place in Student Chapter Best Practices in Member Recruitment

1st Place in Student Chapter Events Contest

1st Place in Student Chapter Display Competition

Outstanding Chapter Youth Program Award

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Our chapter collected all SME awards in 2004 Annual Meeting

Our student chapter received the 2002 SME Outstanding Chapter Award for Overall Excellence

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