Residence Hall Association



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About Us

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) of Tennessee Technological University is a resident advocacy body representing the diverse students within the campus community. We constantly strive to enhance the quality of residence hall life at Tennessee Tech. RHA acts as a community builder and information source through educational and socail programs.



General assembly meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm located in the Pinkerton classroom. At the general assembly meetings we will talk about upcoming campus events, building reports, other topics as they come up. This is a great time to easily find out what is happening on-campus and let your voice be heard. The remaining general assembly meeting dates are listed below.


Recent Events

The card board boat race was a huge sucess! We had a record turnout and some great competiton. Homecoming was just as successful for the Residence Halls. Congratulations to all of our winners!